How Do You Practice The Impossible Faith?

impossible-550x366Impossible faith is something which can be practiced as simply as holding onto dreams and visions and then letting go of those visions at the same time.

This type of faith is considered audacious since life is going to keep throwing curve balls at us. We have to be prepared to throw the curve balls right back at them.

Faith is nothing more than the ability to hold on to the things which are most important to us and let go of them at the same time. There is very little wonder here to notice that the people who are blind spiritually cannot see what is the most viable and the most vibrant way for them to live. This may even seem dichotomous at times.

But faith truly is a constant practice which involves the impossible and holding of discrete tensions.

These discrete tensions may just be pushed into the febrile extremes of our life. At the same time, if we hold on to these dreams, it is only going to tear us apart. We are left with no other option but to let go.

God cannot be held to ransom. If we want God to deliver our dreams to us, we need to give him time and space and believe that he has our best interests at heart.

Faith is an instrument you cannot simply get rid of. Through this faith only do we see joy, love, hope and peace. But benefiting from faith will only be possible if we can hold tensions apart and keep them together simultaneously.

Life is considered inscrutable on the one hand and hopes and dreams are held in the other. We have to exist in joy though knowing faith isn’t everything. Faith is something which generated and held in our hearts and minds. Nothing more.