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Setting Yourself Free

We all know the Queen song “I want to break free”, and many of us can relate, no doubt about it. In this day and age, and in the lifestyles we have developed, it is so easy to end up living a mediocre life, where true happiness seems to exist only in the movies.

Volunteer, Travel and Turn Your Life Around

Many of us wish we could give up everything and travel the world. But for most people, there are a thousand problems getting in the way. When you’re stuck in a routine, it’s hard to imagine abandoning it all to follow your dreams. Responsibilities take priority and travel plans fade away. However, it’s very

The Past Can Help You Prepare For The Future

Some people may just get stuck in the future simply because their pasts haunt them. This certainly isn’t a vibrant way of living. Others are just the opposite and are stuck in the past. They see no hope for the future and are living in a present that is unsatisfactory. There are very few

Spend Time Noticing All The Little Things

There are a number of little things all around us that might not be earthshaking spectacles but certainly are things that you should keep an eye out for. The problem is, they’re very easy for you to miss. It’s so much easier to pay attention to all the terrible things in life which trouble

A Model To Help You Grow

Do you spend most of your time wondering whether there is enough time in the day for getting all your work done? How do you know what you should do next? What about if you had a tool which could help you streamline and channel your goals? Something that helps you get everything done?

How Do You Practice The Impossible Faith?

Impossible faith is something which can be practiced as simply as holding onto dreams and visions and then letting go of those visions at the same time. This type of faith is considered audacious since life is going to keep throwing curve balls at us. We have to be prepared to throw the curve

Passing On Credit For Your Struggle

There are very few joys in life that can compare to the joy associated with reading a good book. The books which we like the most are the ones which make us think of our own struggles. We might start seeing the results of this empathy after many years, but it doesn’t always help

Why Are Young Adults So Prone To Drugs?

Drug abuse certainly is more harmful when it comes to young adults. Addiction can certainly lead to a dependence syndrome and there are many physiological, cognitive and behavioral symptoms which can reduce the reaction of a body when it comes to restricting substances. There are a number of reasons which may drive young adults

Finding Peace In Life

Everyone needs to have a place where they are at peace. This has to be a place at which there is absolutely nothing that can move you since you know that God is looking out for you. There is an open invitation from God to every single person to live in that place. But

How Can You Become A Goddess?

A goddess puts a lot of effort into feeling good and has a lot of energy. This is achieved through sufficient sleep. Exercise is also important to help keep the endorphin levels high. Women with sufficient energy levels exude something which men find attractive. Keeping energy levels high also means placing boundaries around friends