4209-lieThe answer to the question, why do people lie so much, is really simple, it’s because they don’t want to get caught out. However, this isn’t a satisfactory answer, there is in fact, much more to this. Some people have a compulsive lying problem. They are going to try and argue their point as much as they can in order to prove that they are right. The problem here is that children are lied to by their parents and they start believing that when they grow up they need to do the same thing. If a parent insists that their children believe in Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy or continue reading fictional stories to them without explaining the difference between fiction and reality, the children are certainly going to be deeply influenced by the world of lies.

The main problem here is that our brains are like a sponge. It is hard to get something out once it goes in. This is why brainwashing is so effective. Religions know this and that is why they attempt to influence children at a young age about Jesus and the temptations of evil.

They are made to believe that God is all powerful and reigns supreme. What they do not know though is space is infinite and that Planet Earth is round.

With lies coming from everywhere, it is obvious that individuals won’t be concerned or perturbed when it comes to telling a few lies to cover up some of their indiscretions. The ease with which individuals tell lies is only exacerbated the more lies and untruths people are exposed to themselves.

It is very hard to actually understand why people lie but the fact of the matter remains that they do and they will continue to do so for generations to come.