Why Are Young Adults So Prone To Drugs?

drug-abuseDrug abuse certainly is more harmful when it comes to young adults. Addiction can certainly lead to a dependence syndrome and there are many physiological, cognitive and behavioral symptoms which can reduce the reaction of a body when it comes to restricting substances.

There are a number of reasons which may drive young adults to substance abuse. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • For easing their pain. Patients suffering from mental disorders or any similar issue may turn to drugs or alcohol in order to ease their suffering. Drugs can help people temporarily numb the pain they’re trying to escape from.
  • Social influence. When young adults are introduced to drugs, it may just be the influence of friends or family members which can influence them to start using drugs. Individuals who have a family history of being addicted are also more likely to develop addictions.
  • Sometimes, young adults may find it hard to get over the euphoric feeling of experiencing drugs for the first time. They may chase this feeling by taking more and more drugs and this might cause addiction.
  • Drug use can also be seen as a way to escape boredom. Without any stress or any responsibilities on their shoulders, they may look for fun in life and may find their fix in the form of drugs.
  • And lastly, they may turn to drugs in order to overcome trauma or distressing memories associated with it. Unfortunately, they do not realize that these drugs are only going to increase their pain and open the gates to addiction.

It is very important for young adults to look for support in drug rehabilitation programs in order to get over their addictions as soon as possible or they are going to have a lot of trouble in the long run. Look out for the signs, prevention is better than a cure!