Spend Time Noticing All The Little Things

505c7a14!h.300,id.8449,m.fill,wThere are a number of little things all around us that might not be earthshaking spectacles but certainly are things that you should keep an eye out for. The problem is, they’re very easy for you to miss. It’s so much easier to pay attention to all the terrible things in life which trouble us each day and to focus on the worries that follow us around. If we are going to let this happen then these terrible things will certainly overwhelm us. There are certain things which can brighten up our day if only we spend the time and put in the effort to notice them.

You could consider writing down all of the things which you are grateful for every single day before going to bed. This form of gratitude list is a terrific way for you to stay in touch with all of the good things around you. If you want to list out the things which you are grateful for, you will have to pay attention to all of them and enjoy them as and when they are happening. Some days, you will find that your lists are longer than normal. On other days, your troubles may just block out all the good and you will have trouble remembering it.

If we consistently turn to crime, conflict and tragedy, we are going to become morose and start feeling negative about the world and ourselves. But if we try to notice the little gifts around us each day, our outlook on life is going to get much better irrespective of our troubles.

This is something that can even be contagious. There are some people who are just cheerful consistently. It is very difficult to put these people down, even when things aren’t going their way. Perhaps you should try becoming one of these people?