Setting Yourself Free

We all know the Queen song “I want to break free”, and many of us can relate, no doubt about it. In this day and age, and in the lifestyles we have developed, it is so easy to end up living a mediocre life, where true happiness seems to exist only in the movies. We are more or less conditioned our entire lives to do what is expected of us. Go to school, do your homework, go to university, get a job, work until you’re 70, retire and die. For some folks this isn’t enough.


boredomA lot of people dream of winning the lottery, quitting their job and spending the rest of their lives living happily ever after. But you don’t need to rely on the lottery to break free. Nor will not working bring you happiness, more likely boredom. Work is necessary but it shouldn’t be a chore. It isn’t impossible to find a job you like. Think of something you really enjoy doing and work out how you can get paid to do it. If you’re unsure of what you want to do, work flexible jobs. Many bar jobs offer accommodation, freeing you from the worry of rent, or seek work on a cruise ship, travel and teach English as a foreign language: there are many options!

Love Life

People are obsessed with finding a partner, believing that when they find love all their problems will be over. Good luck with that! Loving someone, though very rewarding, is hard work. Why rush into it? Those who obsess over it will find it’s difficult to find someone. Be yourself and enjoy your life, you will be far more attractive to The One if you’re happy and confident.


Gain your independence. Leave home, travel, get a dog, a car or a motorbike, or anything that is your responsibility. Be accountable for your actions and don’t fear everything going wrong. Can’t afford these things? Work two, enjoyable part time jobs for a year and squirrel away your savings. It can be done, but you have to want it.