God Sees More Than We Can

God-ExistsIt is a fact of life that we cannot see everything. But God can and God does. God sees all of the struggles which we have gone through in life. He sees all of the poor choices that we make, all of the fears which we act on and all of the times when we have failed. He will always see the complete picture and this is something that we may never be able to see. He has watched as we compromise on certain important matters. He may have wanted us to make different choices but he understands that we cannot see everything. One hopes that we don’t make the same mistakes time and time again, that we choose better. But unfortunately, we do not always have the complete story.

God doesn’t just see our mistakes, he sees our secrets as well. All the wicked thoughts and grubby secrets we have had or continue to have. God sees everything.

He stands and watches us grovel in sin and still continues to accept you and love you. We can try to get ahead in life but that can be problematic when you don’t have the whole picture. You may be able to begin but you will never get ahead. This is because you will never have access to the complete story. You will not know the depths, the heights, and details of every story. Of people who had no chance whatsoever and no claims to salvation.

You will never see the complete story but God always do. And he will still continue to love you no matter what. He sees everything in the world and even though we might sin, he will still continue to love us because Jesus died for our sins. That is something he cannot and he won’t ignore.