A Model To Help You Grow

get-it-right-before-you-grow-your-businessDo you spend most of your time wondering whether there is enough time in the day for getting all your work done? How do you know what you should do next? What about if you had a tool which could help you streamline and channel your goals? Something that helps you get everything done? Perhaps it ‘s time you considered a personal wellness coach?

These coaches love using tools in order to assist clients. That being said, you may even consider skipping the coach and using one of the tools directly. Here is one such tool which can help you grow. It is called “The Grow Model.” Let’s take a look at what it entails:

G (Goal)

Identify the goals you want to work on. Write down the outcomes you are looking for. What are the behavioral changes you think will be necessary to attain these goals? The goals must be attainable, measurable, specific and realistic. They must also have a time frame. This way you have something to work towards.

R (Current Reality)

Define your current reality. This is important. What is your starting point? What’s happening right now? Have you taken any steps to achieve your goals already? What are the results of those steps?

O (Options)

You need to know what your options are. You should also study the benefits and the drawbacks of all of these options.

W (Will)

And lastly, you need to have the will to achieve your goals. You need to take out some time and explore all your options and then brainstorm. Which goals should you be prioritizing? What are the steps involved? The more information you have, the easier it is going to be.

Hopefully, you will find this tool to be quite helpful and will be able to use it to prioritize your goals in the long run.